March Madness in Real Time

So, it’s March again!  Where we live, everyone is snowed in for the second time in the last three weeks.  🙂  If you are anywhere near social media, I’m sure you’ve heard jokes, complaints, anything and everything (including one post I saw blaming the current most popular animated character on the silver screen).  Everybody has their own way of coping when the winter weather throws an icicle into their regularly scheduled lives.

At our house, we got an unexpected day off to spend with Daddy.  He has been working a few extra days lately, so that is very much appreciated (especially for Mommy).  My kids are getting time to just be kids!  No running around and hassling them about what they have to do next.  I was so happy inside when I walked into the kitchen and saw this…


Just like their Mommy, instead of having a fit about what they can’t do or where they can’t go, my kids would rather just pull out the art supplies, crank up some Mozart, and have an art day.  Paint love!


Maybe we can all learn a lesson from our kids today while our plans are “frozen”–and find a moment to love, a moment to create, a moment to snuggle, a moment to enjoy.  I know I will.

How about you?  How are you surviving or thriving through the winter weather?  I would love to hear your stories.

Grace to You,



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