Summer Love Series

.You’re just in time for vacation!  The drive is beautiful up to the mountains, and your man loves to drive and conquer the road.  You don’t mind at all, because there’s a stack of books with your name on it!  You’ve been saving titles on your bedside table for months.  In between taking care of kids, homeschooling, driving to activities and events, you kept telling yourself that you would make time to savor a new novel.  Now is that time!

Here you are with your toffee nut latte (you get to share a few sips of his white chocolate mocha) and an awesome book in your lap.  Your children are all good as gold in the backseat.  No one utters a peep for miles or touches their neighbor.  Maybe this is what everyone needed.  Time to get out of the house.  A much needed change of scenery.  Something to do together

You feel like a good mommy today, and you thank God for his grace on all your family and the opportunity to head out on a new adventure.  As you hold hands with your man, the cd player loads the next disc, and it is the song you listened to the night you first met.  That.  Is.  My.  Jam. you internally holler as you wonder if Heaven is anything like this moment…

Ok, let’s be honest!  This is a bit of a stretch for any of us, but can we just get that picture for a moment?  Summer is the time for a brand new romantic comedy or Nicholas Sparks drama at the box office.  Every bookseller has a shelf full of chick lit or summer romance ready for your vacation or weekend trip.  You are gearing up for living the dream (or saving up for the dream next year).  Maybe your dream happens at the beach or on a roadtrip across America.  Maybe you need some time with your man at the park while the kids play or maybe you would be happy to just get one hour to have ice cream or a cup of coffee while your parents stay at home with your kids.

Whatever it is you need, I want to encourage you to take that time out to fill up your love tank (to overflowing, no less).  I don’t know about you, but by the end of our homeschool year with four children we just wanted some buffer time to rest, rejuvenate, let the kids play, and clean out the mounds of junk our kids had apparently been stuffing under furniture every time we said, “Clean your room!”  As for my husband and I, we were happy to get an anniversary date in February!

This summer I want to take a look at the loves in our lives.  While the calendar is (hopefully) clear of school year activities, let’s pour into the places that really matter for us.  Let’s experience and enjoy God’s love and the people in our lives all summer.  So what about you?  What does Summer Love make you think of?  What are you doing to fill up your love tank this summer?

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.  Pursue love…” 1 Corinthians 13:13-14:1a


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