Homeschool Planning…(and Hope) (1)

Have you ever gotten just enough rest to get jittery?  The sun is out, the pool is up, summer is in full swing, and suddenly it hits you…

There are only 47 days until the new school year!  If you are a homeschool mom, please share the love!!  We are not alone!

There are all these hopes and expectations we tie to the education of our children, and there is also the emotion factor when you are the one responsible for all of the above in addition to the general health, well being, character, and safety of these same tiny (or now not so tiny) individuals.  So what do we do? (2)
First, Planning…
For the last couple of weeks I have been getting out our curriculum, looking at what I already have for each child and planning for what I need.  We are blessed with a large percentage of homeschool families in our church, so we have received hand-me-down school items from our friends, and we plan to give what we no longer can use.  We also use a lot of free resources online!  Here are a few of my favorites:
*(as a sidenote, I also look for printables on Pinterest and Classical Conversations learning songs on YouTube)
Now is the time I like to do the research, print the printables, file away the activities so that this year can be not just an informative homeschool year, but a fun year!  One of the reasons we chose to homeschool our kids is because we not only love and care about them–we genuinely like them!  We like to spend time with them and do things together.
I have found, however, if I procrastinate on planning, it steals the joy away from our daily lives and school time.  It doesn’t take a lot of extra time…just a little.
Second, Praying…
Just praying and considering my kids and their personalities, their hearts; I feel like God gives creative ideas to make our time with them special.  Then we can dream…
What are those special electives or events that you would like to do with your kids?  Something you know is right up their alley, but you don’t feel confident to teach?  You can research now while there’s not any pressure and you may have a little free time or a free evening.  Do what you can do, then make a list and pray over some hopes and dreams for your kids that you either cannot physically achieve or can’t financially afford at this moment.  Leave some room for hope.  You’ll be glad you did!
Lastly, Protect…
It’s so important, as you consider the coming school year, to protect the time your family has together.  We have done basketball with one child in the past, and this year that will not be logistically possible.  However, my oldest kids are interested in soccer, and that is a replacement that works well for my family.  This is also the only additional activity that we will be signing our kids up for–other than the church Christmas play!  We will all be together cheering for our kids instead of pulled in four separate directions–one for each child–leaving us too exhausted to think (let alone drive)!
So, how about you?  Are your shelves packed and stacked for 2015/16?  Are you still choosing curriculum or maybe looking for some extras?  What do you plan to use for your kids?  What are some hopes that you have this year?  Fellow bloggers, feel free to post your links in the comments!

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