Praying for Your Kingdom Man

As our Summer Love series is drawing to a close, I want to encourage y’all to keep praying for your man!  I have absolutely fallen in love with Tony Evans’ book Kingdom Man, and I highly recommend reading It.  (Even if you are not a man!!)  Here is a list of Scripture confessions that you can pray and speak over your man (and your marriage) as you read along in this amazing book!

My man is a Kingdom Man.

His main goal is to keep out evil and usher in good.

He stands by God’s holy Word and sets the stage for a battle to be won.

He is governed by the Kingdom of Heaven to rule his heart and our family well.

He recognizes the authority of his God-given leadership.

He rules by God’s rule.

Yahweh is his master and absolute ruler.

He yields to Christ’s leadership so that he would experience the dominion and authority that he was created to have.

He operates with responsibility, consistency, wisdom, faithfulness, and dedication in his realm.

When God searches for a man to advance His kingdom, God calls my husband’s name.

He is present and not absent from our lives.

His heart and his life are turned over to Jesus.

He accepts God’s salvation.

He is fired up about and consumed with God and His Holy Word.

He is calm, consistent, and caring.

He leads his children to Christ.

Every day he models the value of making God and His Word the central focus in all that we do.

He exhibits the courage to be dedicated to God.

My kingdom man positions himself and operates according to the comprehensive rule of God over every area of his life.  Every area of life feels the positive impact of his presence.

He makes no silent choices.  He has something to say, he takes on his Christian life as a challenge, and he considers it his quest to conquer the enemy.

His power surrenders to God’s rules, loving God first, and demonstrating His love to others.


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