A Servant’s Heart – Day 12

Day Twelve:  A Servant’s Heart

“Serve one another humbly in love.”—Galatians 5:13b


Don’t your kids just love to do chores?  Mine too.  Honestly, it can be push, pull, or drag at our house. Sometimes I have to find that child, get them up, and bring them to the task.  And then there’s that random day—for no reason at all—they do the chores they know to do without being asked.  So wonderful.

One of my children, fairly often, will look for me at different times in the day and ask one question.

“Can I do anything to help you?”

This is the question that melts a mother’s heart to the floor.  I almost always try to find something for this child when she asks.  We have enjoyed many evenings fixing dinner with her chopping vegetables with a small knife and cutting board while I am cooking at the stove.  I enjoy my kids, and when they ask to be a part of what I’m doing it’s even more special to spend time with them.

This week, as we thank God for what He provides, we are thanking Him for giving us a servant’s heart.  Thank God for the mission team that is serving this week.  Let’s also pray for little areas we can serve Him throughout the day.  Ask Him my daughter’s question, “Can I do anything to help you?”  Let’s enjoy spending time with Him and thank God for our mission team that is doing the same.

Prayer Focus:

“God we’re so thankful for who You are and what You are doing this week.  Thank you that you provide health and strength for each day.  The joy of the Lord is our strength.  Thank you for Your wisdom and discernment as we serve the body of Christ this week.  We are Your hands and feet, and all we do is give You glory, Lord.  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.”



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