The Passion – Day 17

Day Seventeen:  The Passion


God is so faithful to us.  Today we want to preserve His love in our hearts.  There is a song I remember singing years ago in church.  It said, “Give me one pure and holy passion…”  That is my hope for each one of us today.  Let’s stir up an intense desire for God’s Word and for His presence in our lives.  When we hunger and thirst for the things of the Lord more than the things of the world, then we can reach this world for Jesus.


Here are a few worship songs that have blessed me this week.  I hope that they help stir up a passion for Jesus Christ in your heart today.

 “Jesus We Love You” – Paul McClure

“Set a Fire” – Will Reagan & United Pursuit

“I Surrender” – Hillsong Live


Let’s pray:  “Jesus, we love You.  God, we adore You.  Holy Spirit, we are so thankful for You.  Lord, give us one pure and holy passion.  I pray that we, the Church, would know You more and follow after You as one.  As our mission team has returned home, please preserve the passion in our hearts for You.  Give the Church a united love for You, God, and may we serve You with a whole heart.  May we love and encourage Your people, never tearing them down.  May Your Word cause such a light in our own lives that it would draw the nations to You, Lord.  Thank You for Your Holy Word.  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.”




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