Thankful Things.


Every year we have Thanksgiving traditions.  Our family gets together, and everyone makes the most requested dishes of the previous year.  The best of the best.  We cook til we need to turn on the air conditioner, and everything gets packed into the dishwasher before we pile casseroles, desserts, and kids into the SUV.  We are always less than fashionably late to every family event because we are “just trying to get out the door.”  One year, my sweet-then-pre-teen-niece declared to her mama while waiting for our family, “It’s ok, they’re probably just trying to get out the door.”  Bless it.

She was so right.  Four kids, diaper bags, and food is a tall order for a stressed out, sleepless mommy.  For the last few years we have been minus the diaper bags, plus a cat and dog, and transitioning into the middle stages with our kids.  On a positive note, we have finally figured out the beauty of preparing everything the night before.  If we could fix all of the food the night before, we would.  But, people invariably want meals fresh and hot, so it will be clothing and showered children, cleaning, laundry, and rest the night before.  Fixing ahead is my sanity saver for life.   Just so you know.

This year, we also feel different somehow.  Besides the diaper bag we laid down, there’s also been a few other things.  This year is marked by change in our family in so many ways.  Many of them good, some of them challenging.


In the busyness, it’s difficult to connect with those we love.  Let’s offer a prayer of thankful things.

Thank You, God, for the times we are able to be together.

When we give up Black Friday shopping and feel good about it.  When we realize the things we own seem pale in comparison to the journey God has us on.

Thank You, God, that celebrating Your Son has never been about having things.  Thank You for the blessing of giving to those in need.

On a year that decorating seems out of place, and we long for just a simple celebration of Jesus and time spent well together.

Thank You for holiday traditions to do with our families.  Thank you, God, for Your light that guides us. 

In the midst of it all, this year we are learning the beauty of thanks to God at all times, in all seasons.

We celebrate You, Jesus, as seasons change.


What is the prayer of your heart this season?  How are you giving thanks to God in the midst of change?




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